8 Facts All About Periods For Teens

Periods. They just suck don’t they? It’s alright for guys, they don’t have to deal with PMS, panty rags and belly ache that makes you faint. So to keep you teen girls, (and guys!) up to date, here’s some useful informationn about periods.

  1. You can have discharge (a whitish ‘gunk’ left in your pants) for a year or more before you start your periods! After your periods, this discharge will carry on throughout life. It’s nothing to worry about; it’s just how your vagina keeps itself clean!
  2. Girls usually start their period at around 12-13 years, but some girls start as early as seven years old! Some girls start later too, even well into adulthood! However, if you haven’t started by the time you’re 16, it’s worth popping to see your doc to check everything’s ok down there!
  3. Period length and heaviness varies each month, yet it’s still normal. Most periods last between 3 and 7 days but it can be more (or less if you’re lucky!)
  4. In the first few years of menstruating (having your period) they can be very irregular. This is just your body getting used to its new routine and it will soon settle down.
  5. Don”t worry about dark clumps during your period, this is normal, and sometimes just blood clots, (where there’s more blood than can come out) or just a little part of the endometrial lining (lining of the womb).
  6. As many as 90% of all women will have had to deal with all the aspects of PMS at some time during their life!
  7. Lots of girls think that by having their period, they shouldn’t exercise, but it honestly helps! So don’t try fooling your P.E teacher, ’cause chances are, she’ll tell you to get changed before you get a detention!
  8. You might feel fatter around the time of your period, but don’t worry or stop eating, it’s perfectly normal to feel bloated!