How To Get High School Grants

Grants aren’t just available for those in college. In fact, the best time to start applying for scholarships and grants is well before college begins. In fact, there are specific high school student grants. The process for obtaining high school student grants is similar if not identical to the process for earning grants after graduation. […]

10 Common Symptoms Of Teen Depression

Depression is much more than just having the blues or feeling down. When that feeling lasts for more than a couple of weeks, the condition may be clinical depression. In addition to feelings, it can change behavior, physical health and appearance, academic performance, social activity and the ability to handle decisions and pressures that as […]

8 Facts All About Periods For Teens

Periods. They just suck don’t they? It’s alright for guys, they don’t have to deal with PMS, panty rags and belly ache that makes you faint. So to keep you teen girls, (and guys!) up to date, here’s some useful informationn about periods. You can have discharge (a whitish ‘gunk’ left in your pants) for […]