6 Tips For Teenagers To Stop Bedwetting

Wetting the bed can be distressful for any young teenager, the feeling of being a freak and a baby for not being able to wake up and go to the toilet is a horrible feeling. Bed wetting is usually a genetic problem, passed down from your mother and/or father. Bed wetters often sleep so deeply that they are not aware of the message the bladder sends to the brain saying it is full and end up bed wetting. Bed-wetting can affect your confidence and make you avoid situations where you would be sleeping somwhere either than home.

Is there anyway to prevent bedwetting?

Bed wetting is usually grown out of after a few years, there is no real cure for bed wetting as its just a sleeping problem. Although if your problem is really bad and it has continued for too long your doctor can prescribe you drugs which can change your sleeping patterns, but these only work on a percentage of teenagers and may have side effects. There is also other ways to avoid bed wetting:

  1. Buy a moisture alarm, which goes off when it feels moisture and trains you to wake up before wetting the bed.
  2. Make sure you visit the toilet directly before you go to bed.
  3. Get a parent to wake you up during the night for a toilet visit.
  4. Try to sleep as not to lie on your bladder or stomach area.
  5. Buy special bedwetting underwear which will absorb all the fluid.
  6. Hypnosis has also been mentioned as a good method to avoid bed wetting, although its not totally guarenteed to work on everyone it has had a very high sucess rate in teenagers, all you have to do is listen to a tape which reprograms your mind to wake up when your bladder is full.

Bed wetting as a teenager is nothing to be embarassed about, it is very normal and very common, its usually passed down from family members so if you have a problem speak to your mum or dad who might be able to give you advice and help you along the way. If you don’t have the patience or are being frustrated by bed wetting try any of the above tips to help you stay dry and have a good nights sleep.